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couple angry bird - love birdkaos anak tambahan - flinstones barney

Kaos Anak Custom Design
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Kaos Anak Custom Design

Price: Rp 55.000

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Desain nama anak anda di baju dengan DTG Printer
Pilihan kata-kata yang ada

Ukuran yang tersedia:
S: Panjang 44cm, Lebar 33cm
M: Panjang 52cm, Lebar 36.5cm
L: Panjang 58cm, Lebar 39cm

A : Awesome, Amazing, Adorable, attractive, adventurous,, agreeable
B : Brave, best, bright
C : Cute, Curious, calm, Charming, Courageous, caring, clever
D : Delightful,dazzling, dynamic, different,defiant
E : Expensive, excellent, Enchanting, Energetic, EXciting,
F : Friendly, Filthy, French, fearless, fashoinable, famous, fresh, first
G : Great, graceful, glorious, genius, giant, gorgeous
H : Hilarious, Helpful, healthy, hot, honest, happy
I : Important, intelligent, interesting, incredible
J : Jumpy, judicious,joyous
K : kindhearted, kamikaze, keen,knowledgeable,kind
L : Lucky, lovely,light.loyal
M : mysterious, marvelous,modern,magnificent,mature
N : Natural, new
O : outgoing, observant,outstanding,open
P : Pleasant,powerful, perfect,proud,precious
Q : Quizzical
R : Rare, Romantic,Robust, Remarkable,right
S : Serious, Superb,sweet,safe,super,splendid,successful,sharp
T : tender,terrific,tremendous,tidy,talented, thoughtful
U : Unique, useful,unsual
V : Valuable, victorious
W : Wild, wonderful, wealthy,warm
X : xtreme
Y : Yeah, Yummy, youthful
Z : zen

Female :
A : awesome, adventurous, attractive, amazing, adorable, agreeable
B : beautiful, bright, best, brave
C : caring, calm, curious, courageous, charming, clever, cute
D : different, defiant, dynamic, delightful, dazzling
E : enchanting, expensive, energetic, excellent, elegant, exciting
F : fashionable, filthy, friendly, french, fearless, first, fresh, famous
G : graceful, genius, giant, glamorous, great, gorgeous, glorious
H : helpful, honest, hilarious, hot, happy, healthy
I : inteligent, interesting, incredible, important
J : jumpy, joyous, judicious
K : kindhearted, keen, kamikaze, kind, knowledgeable
L : lovely, loyal, lucky, light, lucky
M : mature, marvelous, mysteriuos, modern, magnificent
N : new, natural
O : observant, open, outstanding, outgoing
P : perfect, proud,, powerful, pleasant, precious
Q : quizzical
R : right, robust, rare, romantic, remarkable
S : sharp, successful, safe, super, serious, superb, sweet, splendid
T : talented, tidy, thoughtful, terrific, tremendous, tender
U : unusual, useful, unique
V : vivacious, valuable, victorious, vigorous
W : wealthy, wild, wonderful, warm
X : xtreme
Y : yummy, yeah, youthful
Z : zen

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Kaos Anak Tambahan

Last Updated: Thursday, 16 August 2018 20:27

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Dina - Bekasi :
Barangnya udah nyampe, bagus baget.. thanks ya :) kalau mau jadi reseller kaos couple bisa?

Novan Komaran :
Saya sudah order dua kali ke bos Willy ini, sori baru sekarang ngasi testi. Servisnya bagus, kaos couplenya juga bagus-bagus. ntar kalo gw beli lagi harus korting lo, kan langganan... heheheh

Vina :
Bahan kaosnya tebel, adem, enak dipakenya. Sablonnya juga bagus sampe sekarang ga rusak, sukses yah

Priotno Prawira :
Bagus mas paket juga cepat sampenya sing sukses mas jualan kaos couplenya.

Bu Asti :
Kaos family nya udah sampai ya bagus barangnya, saya pasti beli lagi... makasih..

Jovita Dewi :
barangnya sudah nyampe mas kaos nya enak dipakai banyakin lagi model kaos couple ya

Windy :
Baru sekali beli seeh, tapi gw dah suka sama kaos couplenya bahannya bagus sih sukses jualannya ya.